Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog Awards 2010 update - I made the Shortlist !

For those who remember my delight some time ago when I was nominated in two categories for the Irish Blog Awards 2010, I can tell you how pleased I was to see that I made the shortlist in the same two categories - Best Food & Drink and Best Personal Blog. Thanks a lot to all the sponsors, particularly of both "my" categories - Bord Bia (the Irish Food Board) and Microsoft Ireland's Developer and Platform Group which seems to be a very techie blog.

I really was surprised as I think there were over a hundred nominees in the Personal Blog Longlist, so it's a great buzz to make the final 25 in the shortlist, and likewise with the Food &Drink category. As mine has a pretty eclectic mix, and is not strictly a foodie blog, I had to self-select which category to stay with "going forward" (my most hated jargon phrase if I was to name one - I abhor it and its use here comes with a Reader Guidance - Irony Advisory!) if multi-category-nominated, so I selected the Personal Blog one.

I have no idea what happens next, but I would be very surprised to get any further, as I presume many multi-category bloggers will gravitate towards the Personal list which must result in more thinning out. In any event, I was very grateful to have been longlisted, let alone shortlisted, so my ego will cope fine with such an accolade even if it marks the end of the road for this blogger's debut into Oscar territory.

The fact that the awards ceremony is held in a posh Galway hotel really raises the bar - as well as so many questions - does one have to be physically present at the awards? Or is it acceptable to be a virtual presence? Is a speech mandatory for the tearful winner? Is there a cringe factor for said speech? Like a 45-second time limit? What about the anonymity factor beloved of so many bloggers? Do they have a virtual bag over their heads or a type of Venetian mask if they are called on the night?

Answers on a (virtual) postcard please - or just in the comments below.

Oh - and the nominees in the two Shortlists are:

Best Personal Blog

– Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group

Best Food/Drink Blog

– Sponsored by Bord Bia

Go check them out - it's well worth the effort.


FoodFunFarmLife said...

Congratulations ! Do let us know when we can vote again now that you are on the long/short list ! Mmmm ... interesting questions, especially for those nominated bloggers who wish to remain anonymous.

Musings of a Mother said...

Well done Catherine. I was shocked to find myself shortlisted too think the finalists will be announced today so best of luck x

Stephanie V said...

Good for you! To be shortlisted is a great thing. I'm impressed - but not surprised. I enjoy reading your 'dispatches'.

Unknown said...

Haven't checked you blog for a while, delighted to see that you're heading for a red carpet! Perhaps if you bake some of the goodies for the judges that amy swing a few votes!

Only just seen that your mother passed away, My sympathies to you, Joe

Catherine said...

Thanks for all the kind comments and good wishes everyone - I didn't make the cut to the final five (per category) but I was thrilled to be in the final 25 - my son was suitably impressed and amazed that I got that far which is a kind of backhanded compliment!

LYNDA - thanks but the longlist is the only one open to public nomination - the shortlist was done by (unknown!) judges and I am looking forward to seeing who'll win on the night of March 27th.

LAST OF THE MOJITOS (love that name!) thanks and well done to you too on getting shortlisted! It's a nice buzz to get this far.

STEPHANIE V - thanks again and glad you enjoy the Dispatches - I enjoy writing them and reading the comments and also all the new blogs I've seen over the past year or more.

JOE - The red carpet it ain't for this year at any rate - I think it's a bit like politics if the bribery of baking worked - canvassing doesn't disqualify! I didn't blog for kudos but it's nice to get this sort of accolade. Thanks also for your sympathy message and comments over on FB. Much appreciated.

All the best, Catherine