Friday, February 26, 2010

Nominated in the Irish Blog Awards 2010 - My Fifteen Minutes of Fame?

I've just seen that I've been nominated in two categories in the Irish Blog Awards 2010 - a nice surprise indeed. One in each category for Best Personal Blog and Best Food/Drink Blog - and in the midst of very illustrious company indeed as I recognise some of the bloggers I follow and am happy that I nominated some of you (you'll know who you are!).

There is such an eclectic bunch of titles and categories it would take forever to go through them all, but I include a list below in both categories and if you click on the link to the full list above you can check any or all of them.

At any rate it is fun to be included and I wish everyone well. I haven't a notion of winning anything at all but I expect that it is the well-known public blogs that will hit the headlines, and fair play to them - they are practically professional full-timers.

Hobbyist bloggers like me will never be up there with them or have the time to compete - and blogging for me is fun and relaxing and not something I view as competitive. But I do confess to a sneaking delight when I see a lot of hits and new followers so my ego is just as susceptible to a massaging as the next person.

So good luck to all the nominees and have fun with following the stages - a longlist from all the nominees and then a shortlist, from which will emerge the winners. (Just like the Booker prize - but best not to get too carried away!)

Best Food/Drink Blog

– Sponsored by Bord Bia

Best Personal Blog

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Irene said...

Congratulations! You deserve your nomination. I hope you win.

FoodFunFarmLife said...

Congratulations ! Am off to have a look now ...

Ann said...

congratulations on both your nominations. Well deserved!!!

Stephanie V said...

Congratulations, Catherine! I'm just coming out of a head cold fog and catching up with everybody.
Thanks for all the links - this should keep me busy.

niamh said...

Well done Catherine! Good luck with it all:) It's great to see there are so many Irish bloggers out there isn't it?

Irish Mammy said...

Congrats on the nomination well deserved!

Catherine said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and good wishes - I think it's a great honour to be on this auspicious list! And well done to the two fellow-nominees who added comments - I see Niamh and Irish Mammy are also nominees - so congrats to you both too - and yes it is great to see so many great Irish Blogs out there - and humbling too, as the caliber is so high in most of them.

Niamh -well done in getting the new blog name incorporated and good luck in the shortlisting.

Irish Mammy -best of luck to you too - I have to spend some time catching up on your blog and on PACUB too - I recall it at budget time and it is all a disgrace - well done with it all.

Stephanie - get well soon - I did enjoy your posts on the Winter Olympics from an insider Vancouver resident perspective!

Ann - you should be on this list but I think they meant blogs from Ireland not Irish bloggers abroad! There must be a category for you too - your writing is terrific!

Lynda - thanks and I hope you get on the SA awards list again this year - let us know if it's happening and I hope I haven't missed it as I have been sporadic in my post-reading lately.

Irene - thanks - I do enjoy the blog and if I started viewing it as a means to awards or competitively it would lose a lot of its appeal. No pressure is what I like about blogging - doing it for myself primarily and great if others enjoy it. I wish I could be as prolific as you with daily or more posts!

Jeannette StG said...

Yes, Catherine, well deserved!!