Sunday, August 12, 2012

Knitting Noro Silk Garden - from Sock Yarn to Zig-Zag Scarf

Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn Scarf
I wrote about my  Noro sock yarn find in Kinsale in June here so I just wanted to share the finished product with you. I have been very busy and lots going on in my life over the past few months what with the wedding and emigration of our eldest son and his new wife and their two daughters to Spain, where I accompanied them for their first week in the new apartment.  I am back from Spain a week now and feel I'm ready to tackle the blogosphere - though not yet with a holiday post! That'll wait for a bit as I have already posted the photos and they are on my Facebook page.
Blocked Scarf
Before blocking
Meanwhile knitting has been my constant, an anchor in an otherwise turbulent time, and I love the way it helps me Keep Calm and Carry On like on those now fashionable posters. I also like the Father Ted version - Keep Calm and Drink Tea!

Hope you like the scarf - I had blocked it with pins at the side to give some feature peaks but they vanished soon after the scarf dried out, so now it's just wavy ends! I used the pattern from Ravelry for those of you interested, and it was a very simple Chevron design but very effective for showing off the beautiful Noro colours at their best. I like the lacy holes too, and the needles I used were 4mm. If you wanted a lacier scarf, bigger needles would have done the trick, but I felt the 4mm suited the double-knit (worsted in USA) weight just fine. I also used a provisional cast-on using a crocheted chain length and that meant both ends were matching - a  handy tip on the pattern. My first Provisional Cast-On and very simple to do, I'd do it again. Got the info on it from my Stitch'n'Bitch Superstar Knitting book but it's online too

Happy knitting and I'll be back soon with my current WIP when it's done -hopefully in the near future! 


Stephanie V said...

Noro colors never disappoint. Nice work in the blocking. Glad all are safely tucked into Spain.

Liz said...

That is just lovely! I often find I don't love all the color transitions in a skein of Noro, but this one is very nice. Beautiful scarf.

kathy b said...

love love love the scarf colors blending along!

Winifred said...

I love that Noro wool. I ordered some a few months ago but the company couldn't deliver so I got a refund. Yours is gorgeous so I just might try again.

Look forward to seeing your post about your holiday.

Catherine said...

Thanks for your kind comments girls!
Stephanie V - the Noro colours are amazing and I've only worked two scarves in it, Sekku and this yarn. I love it though it's slow work. Has to be a bit of an interesting pattern to keep me from dying of boredom! Still waiting for the right yarn to make the Lismore cable socks ;)

Liz I haven't used enough Noro to be able to say I've seen any I dislike, but I do have one of their mini books and some of the projects there wouldn't float my boat.

Kathy B - thanks, the blending is great, you'd never think the colours would match as they clash so much but it works well! Still busy with my lacy cardi then something from my prize yarn!

Winifred, I hope you get Noro yarn again, there must be online shops that have it close by you. I got it in Kinsale but it was a one off, and I got some Sekku in a Secret Santa Knitmas last year, and I know This is Knit in Dublin have a wide range of it. There are many ads in the back of my current fave magazine Let's Knit (UK version) with loads of shops selling yarn and Noro features heavily, so good luck!

Take care and I'll post soon again I promise - busy with sleeves for my cardi now, mad to get it done!
Catherine xxx

kathy b said...

ohhhh the colors running through the scarf are just lovely