Monday, January 18, 2010

My Year In Photos on Facebook | View Collage

My Year In Photos on Facebook View Collage

This was a fun app on Facebook that a friend alerted me to - one or two clicks and here it was. The application selects random photos from those filed in 2009 in my Facebook albums and made them into a collage. So I could share them with Blogger readers, I am posting them here as well. Hope you like them - I should really go into detail on each one but many of them appeared here already during 2009 in various blog posts.

There are two from circa 1984 and 1991 that really have embarassment potential - there's a beach scene taken on an island off the coast of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania with some friends who were visiting the Concern (the NGO we worked there with) guest house in Kunduchi, beside the renowned Bahari Beach Hotel, and the other is at an early birthday party of our oldest son, who will become a dad in about two weeks!

This app is one of the more fun time-wasters on Facebook when compared to all those Farmville games - which I just don't get or those games which involve throwing pillows at people. I can confess to doing the odd quiz on Facebook which throw up something unexpected like an IQ of 140 on six or eight multiple-choice questions (which don't impress me much!), or "What type of nurse are you?" and it turns out I'm actually Cherry Ames - a Fifties American nurse whose life seemed light years away from my student nurse years! I like the geography quizzes on capital cities - as long as it's not American State capitals where I fail abysmally - or identifying/locating places on the map against the clock.

I still manage to read a lot and as it's winter I am back to knitting - those bloggers who are avid knitters - fair weather and foul - will be seriously underwhelmed by my poor output on the knitting front as I have only done a few scarves this year and am now making a waistcoat/vest in random-dyed fluffly wool from Lidl, great value and quality. Extremely cosy if not exactly haute couture and I will share it with you when finished.

On that note - I'll say goodnight and I will try to be a more diligent blogger in 2010 - so far not so good, I know, but there's a lot going on right now in the family with (grand)baby imminent in the next fortnight, sons going back to college or in college, and teen daughter being, well, a teenager. She's currently in the throes of drama rehearsals for a March production of The Wiz (of Oz) in the local dramatic society. That and the Big Freeze which I blogged about - and the aftermath is worthy of another post as we have water rationing nationwide in the midst of extensive post-thaw flooding! Only in Ireland as we are all saying, would such a paradox be accepted as the norm.


Niamh Griffin said...

You're so good with updating your photos! And the blog - always something great to read!!

Catherine said...

Hi Niamh - thanks for the compliment! Glad you enjoy the blog and my facebook photos are a bit hit and miss. Most of them are updated now and I try to copy my photos to Picasa albums for a backup as well. Good luck with the new blog!