Thursday, January 28, 2010

High Five - You've been tagged!

Ann over at the lovely transatlantic blog Inkpots n'Quills recently tagged me for this High Five 2009 meme, so I will try to trawl memory for five good things that happened in the last year. I don't really do much with memes or chain awards - either getting them or passing them on - and while I don't rule them out completely as some bloggers do, I admit I haven't been great at passing on the few I did get. Apologies to those who tagged me and found me wanting. I don't pass on chain emails but this is different. I kinda feel guilty at passing them on to others as it imposes an obligation on them to pass them on to their friends - and then there's often a tiresome task attached. Not this one - I like the idea of picking five good things from 2009.

In no particular order - my selection includes the following highlights:

1. Election Success
Hubby Jan's first election to public office! He was elected as the Labour Party Town Councillor for Lismore in June's local election and this was a cause celebré in our family - he had already been a Councillor for 3 years since he was co-opted, but this was entirely on his own merit and reflected his success during his term both as a Council member and as town Mayor in the run-up to the elections - he has lobbied for issues that are important for the town and has tried to avoid party politics above the interest of the town and people. His achievement is all the more notable as he was one of only four foreign candidates elected to Irish office and he was on national radio on Newstalk's Global Village panel about this rare species. I wrote about his election here.

2. Grandparents-in-Waiting
The imminent arrival of our first grandchild - Jany and Shayne will become proud parents in the coming weeks and we were told in a phone call from Spain in June that we would be grandparents in 2010! This has to be the best news of the past year and we wait in trepidation for the birth sometime in February. Watch this space for live updates and photos!

3. The Homecoming
Shayne and Jany moving to live in Ireland from Spain was a great event for us as we missed him over the past eight years since he went to Spain and even though it was great to have a holiday destination every year it is lovely to have them here now and to see them grow into a real family.

4. Holidays revisited
Down memory lane - a reunion with my old friend Anne for a short break in Spain. She and her two daughters were in Barcelona for a break when we were visiting Shayne and Jany in Malgrat de Mar. We spent four days together and relived the hectic pace of the holidays of our youth in India and Nepal - seeing all the sights in Barcelona and catching up on the news of the past years - spanning decades! You can read the post about that holiday over here.

5. Leaving the Nest
Seeing the progress in our children over the year gave me a lot of pleasure and are collectively worthy of inclusion! Shayne and Jany are already mentioned. William returned from his semester of college exchange in Tennessee, and ended the year doing teaching practice in Lismore's Blackwater Community School as part of his final year of PE and Geography in Limerick; Martin got accepted on a Masters' programme in Graphic Design in Dublin, and Maeve survived her first year of Secondary school and is getting on with Second Year as cool as a breeze. She is growing fast and has already passed me out! She went on her first parent-free holiday after her Spanish trip when she went to England with her good pal to aunts and cousins of said pal, showing that we are able to cope (a bit!) with cutting the apron strings. Mind you - not without some trepidation after watching the scariest (unlikeliest I hope!) film of the year in Spain - Taken with Liam Neeson. (confession - I had written Harrison Ford and Ann pointed out it was Liam - that'll teach me to blog late at night and get my action heroes mixed up!) Worst nightmare scenario for every parent - teen daughter gets kidnapped for the white slave traffic on her first holiday sans parents with wild child pal in Paris! Still, life's not all like in the movies - thankfully - and they came home safe and well from England.

So that's my high five selection for 2009. Good cause for reflection and I could probably make a high ten if I put my mind to it!

Do I have to pass this on to friends? Ok if so I will notify the following - and hope you enjoy filling out your High Five of 2009!

1. Jeannette @ Mysteries
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3.Susan @ Stony River: a Writing Life
4. Peggy @ Organic Growing Pains
5. Rudee @ A Knitting Nurse

I look forward to reading your highlights and if you like - pass it on to your blogfriends!


Ann said...

Sounds like a wonderful year. Like you the reason I liked this was because it meant you had to think, to remember the good and happy achievements and/or events in your life. We too often dwell on not so good and sad. It makes us stop,think and rejoice in our blessings.

PS it was Liam Neeson!

Stephanie V said...

Thanks, Catherine. I'm digging deep into the mental file drawer. It's easy to find one or two but five does require some thought. Today's post, for sure.

Catherine said...

Thanks for that Ann, it was a good year and hopefully so will 2010 - it's looking promising thus far! As I corrected the Liam Neeson error in the post I had to add my action hero mix-up was due to my late-night blogging and just plain lack of attention to detail!

Stephanie V - good luck with the dig! Looking forward to seeing the outcome - I'd say there will be plenty once you start looking - I was the same and then I could hardly choose when I got going!

Rudee said...

I'll play along tomorrow. I think I can think of 5 good things that have happened in the past year though lately, things have not been so great on the work front.

Thanks for the tag and as usual, it's always a pleasure to read what's going on in your life.

Speaking of the movie, Taken, I can't believe I allowed my high school aged daughter to go to Mexico with friends in her senior year. We were talking about that tonight and she told me she thought I was crazy to allow such a thing. Something she'd not allow her own child to do if she had one! I'd never do it today, that's for certain.

I can't wait to see photos here of your grandchild. How exciting!

Catherine said...

Hi Rudee - thought I'd replied to all who commented, but glad you liked the high five tag. Mind you, your recent experiences were so bad that I doubt you felt like you'd anything to write about. I must check in at your blog to see progress. Yes, wasn't Taken so scary when you see what you did with your own kids - my son travelled from Bangkok to Amsterdam with a friend when he was 13 and then on to Ireland alone. And another went to Berlin from Dublin when he was 13 - so I guess we all were optimists or naive! Fun that your daughter now thinks you were crazy! I used to hitch-hike all over Ireland as a teenager and student as there was no decent public transport! I would kill my teenager if she did that now!
Grandchild imminent any day/week now! Watch this space!