Saturday, January 23, 2010

Irish Blog Awards 2010 nominations!

I saw during the week that my blog visitor traffic has increased in recent weeks and I haven't really a clue why that is - except that I am listed on a few blog directories here and there that may have increased traffic. It's nice to see that a few more people are visiting the site, and even though there aren't any new followers or comments, I don't mind as I write it mostly for enjoyment, not as a major ego trip!

If anyone thinks this blog is worthy of entry to the Irish Blog Awards then please follow the nomination procedure from the link. It has a number of different categories so mine is probably the broader personal rather than the political or any specific category. Closing date is 5th February 2010.

Thanks in advance to anyone who nominates me - indeed thanks for visiting my blog over the past year and to those who left comments - I hope I responded to all of you as I think that's the least you deserve for making the time and effort to comment!

I will also nominate some of my fellow-Irish followers whose blogs I enjoy. Who? I hear you ask! That would be telling so I'll keep shtum for now - I don't do secrecy well so I'll probably divulge later. Oh, and you can nominate yourself if you fit the bill (blogging from Ireland!) so I might do that too - just to ensure a nomination of one!

Have fun selecting your nominees - I think anyone from anywhere else in the world can nominate eligible Irish Blogs in any appropriate category so it could be an eclectic selection!


Rudee said...

Congratulations! Your blog is certainly worthy of nomination.

Catherine said...

Thanks Rudee - if you think my blog is worthy, then you are most welcome to nominate me! I don't merit congrats as I haven't been nominated for an award (yet!);I only wrote the post about the awards and how they work, with links, in case anyone was interested.If you are, then just follow the links in the post to nominate the Irish blog of your choice.
Thanks again,

Ann said...

Interesting concept. Blog awards...I think I will!

Peggy said...

Hi Catherine, your blog is definitely worth inclusion in theblog awards.I have read the link info and I suppose personal is the one even though it could skate in there under the radar on a few headings as you cover quite a lot of topics!
Where do I find the contact details for the blog or will you email me

FoodFunFarmLife said...

Hi Catherine - I am off to nominate you right now ! Hope that you are having a good start to the new year - I can't believe that the first month of 2010 is almost behind us already !

Catherine said...

Thanks Peggy - I have nominated your blog under the Specialist Category - as a gardening blog! So if you want to nominate then go to the link I highlighted in the post ( is the link address)
It's just a bit of fun but nice to see so many blogs from Ireland out there! Mine is very general so it would be hard to categorise under anything other than personal!
Thanks a mill if you do nominate mine!

Catherine said...

Thanks Lynda - hope you got on ok! and thanks for considering me - much appreciated. The New Year is nearly a month old and I am waiting to become a granny in the next week or two -watch this space! Are you going for any blog awards this year? I remember you were in a South African one last year. Let us know if you are thinking of going forward so we can vote for you.
Busy days so not much time for blogging but will do something soon. Have tons of photos that deserve an audience! All the best!


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