Saturday, August 1, 2009

On Being a Guest Blogger - Reverse Culture Shock

I have been very neglectful of the blog in July - my lame excuse is that I've been in Spain for ten days and haven't yet got around to writing a post on it - I will eventually. However I was asked by fellow-Irish blogger Niamh at Writer on the Way Home to contribute a piece on experiences of a returning Irish person to these shores. I was happy to do so and she has posted the guest blog over on her blog if you would like to take a look here.
Niamh has been back in Ireland for about six months and is finding many things about Ireland take some getting used to. I know the feeling! She plans to post some more bits from my Guest Post in the coming weeks so it may go on for a while as I had comments on a few aspects of Irish life.

I plan to be back soon with a new post, trying to compensate for my poor turnout in July - perhaps the dastardly Irish summer is getting to me - I think the above photo illustrates it perfectly!


Jo said...

Hi Catherine;) I was looking at your link on my dashboard and wondered...(lol) Good to hear you again. (((Hugs))) Jo

Catherine said...

Thanks Jo, I have started back at the blogging again, glad to see you visiting, also at the Ikea post! I have a week off now so will try to post something on my Spanish holiday. The weather is still as appalling as in the above photo which was taken on July 14th - your winter I know, but supposedly our summer - not that you'd notice!
That's why I miss Africa!