Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Videoclips from Much Ado About Nothing in Lismore Castle - and an embedded tutorial

The videoclip I included in my post on Much Ado About Nothing from Off the Ground Touring Company in Lismore Castle last week got very positive feedback from many of those commenting, so I thought I would add two more clips I uploaded to YouTube to this blog post. These are taken after nightfall, so the atmosphere is totally different to the daylight of my last post's clip.

This is a scene from the play, plenty of passion and high emotions going on here between the characters as they plot and scheme their romantic intrigues

I have only just recently learnt how to upload clips to YouTube and am pretty chuffed with my techie abilities so this is just to give me more bragging rights! Uploading takes time, much to my surprise, as I thought a clip of a minute or two would be uploaded in similar time, but no, takes about a half-hour on our broadband (maybe yours is faster, ours is about 7mb which is reasonable I believe - as I haven't a clue what that means, only that it's faster than the 3mb we had initially). You see, I discovered with the last post that I could actually embed videoclips in the body of the post, not just in the sidebar, which I had been doing.

This was the grand finale - a rousing song-and-dance routine to Anything Goes, they got the entire audience up dancing for this one in an encore and it was a great end to the evening

It's really simple, (said she with the 20-20 vision of hindsight) - all you do is copy the code from YouTube where it says embed (at the side of the clip under the description) and paste said code in the body of the text where you want the clip to appear. It only shows up in Preview mode, and all you see in the Compose window is the gobbledegooky Html code, which looks like it shouldn't be there.

Those of you who know all this can smirk smugly, and those who don't will thank me as you can now go on to embellish your blogs with your favourite videos.


Rudee said...

How fun! Nicely done with the videos. I used my mac last year to take stills and make a video, then I set it to music to commemorate my participation in a 3 day, 60 mile breast cancer fundraiser. It was wonderful to play with that.

Peggy said...

Hi Catherine,the videos are great I love the anything goes one.If it moves in Dungarvan it may now end up on Youtube!
Thanks for the tutorial too,I think I tried it before and it did not work but now I can come back to this if I need to.

Catherine said...

Rudee, glad you liked the clips. I am very much a novice when it comes to taking videoclips of anything but I intend to do more and then I can make a decent YouTube collection of my clips. That video/slide show you describe sounds great, well done for taking part in such an event. My daughter and 2 of her pals (age 13, 12, 11) raised about $120 for breast cancer research last Christmas singing carols door-to-door in our town, and hubby is doing a 100km cycle (the Sean Kelly Challenge) next Sunday for breast cancer - everyone who takes part will be sponsored for breast cancer. over 2000 so far regd.) So it would be great if you shared the stills with blogger friends - is it on your blog? or on YouTube? Let's see it!

Catherine said...

Peggy, thanks! Glad you enjoyed them and I had an response from one of the actors in the group who was delighted to see them on YouTube! So it was appreciated by the participants which was nice. (It's the guy playing Dogberry, with the Ronnie, in the brownshirt uniform - he always plays the fall guy, hilarious, he's a bit of a Mr. Bean type of character.)I assure you my tutorial is a case of the blind leading the blind! But I am a dab hand at bluffing my way through something, and when it works like the YouTube uploading I am chuffed but never sure if I can repeat the action! Now I think I've it sussed.
good luck,