Friday, January 9, 2009

Banoffee Pie

This is a classic with many variations - the original from the Hungry Monk restaurant in East Sussex in England (1972) is not the one I follow as it has a pastry base and my son has vetoed it in favour of my crunchy crumble one which is much nicer. Also I sometimes add or omit the coffee from the cream.

My recipe is an amalgam of different Banoffee recipes and I have adapted it to suit family taste, so I hope you like it - it is really easy to put together and needs minimal baking - only the base is baked and the rest is assembled.

It is great for preparing in advance for emergency visitors, you can wow them with this and they won't know you were only 5 minutes stacking it up like a jumbo breakfast roll!

(For those of you who don't get this reference I will try to get the YouTube clip of the song of that name onto my blog once I figure out which gadget I need for video clips!)
Handy Tip: Have a few cans of Condensed Milk prepared by boiling the cans in water for about 2-3 hours to caramelise. This can be done economically by immersing the unopened tins in a pan of boiling water - covered - at the bottom of the oven when you are roasting a joint or something that takes time. Also less chance of the water boiling off and a potential disaster that could happen on the hob!

Banoffee Pie

1 can caramelised condensed milk - see Handy TIP above.
3 ripe bananas - no blackened bits.
250 ml cream for whipping (a spoon of icing/caster sugar is optional - I omit it as the pie is sweet enough already)
a pinch of instant coffee powder/granules
a few squares of dark chocolate grated over cream topping

This photos shows the caramelised condensed milk topping, with the bananas, over crumble base

Crumble base
6oz/150gm flour
2oz/50gm butter
2oz/50gm sugar
(preheat Oven to 180 degrees centigrade)
1. Rub butter into flour to crumby texture and add sugar, mix well
2. Spread over base of cake tin(8 - 10 inch/24-28 cm size, depends on how thick you want it)
3. Press down to firm and bake for20 mins/until golden and set.
(This can be made in advance and frozen, or it will keep in airtight tin for a week or so)

Assembling Banoffee layers (no more baking needed)

1. Spread caramel/toffee from tin over baked base.
2. Slice 2 bananas over caramel (see photo)
3. Whip cream and add coffee powder (optional)
4. Spread over caramel/bananas
5. Slice remaining banana over cream
6. Top with grated chocolate - best grated directly onto cream.

This photo shows the pie before sprinklies of dark chocolate are added!

Enjoy - extremely more-ish and probably horrifically calorific!

I have no idea how many calories are in a portion, but if you really want to know this then you probably shouldn't be eating it as you'll be too guilt-tripped to enjoy it to the max!


FoodFunFarmLife said...

How absolutely, uttery DIVINE and I totally agree with you about ignoring the calorie content ;) I have only eaten Banoffee Pie a handful of times, but I must say that each time I haev loved it as it is that combination of banana's and caramel that get me every time ... mmmm. As we can buy Condensed Milk here, and the other ingredients sound quite simple, I'm sure I could try & make it sometime .... now there's a thought !

Anonymous said...

I am curious about your condensed milk. Here in the US we have both evaporated milk (which is just sort of canned & concentrated -- you can use it to replace 1/2 & 1/2 and such; it's not sweet or anything) and SWEETENED condensed milk, which is very thick and rich and sweet. Is your condensed milk the same as our sweetened c.m., or more like the evaporated? I want to try the recipe, but thought I should make sure I know what I'm using. It looks DIVINE. kristin

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin
I don't know if this will reach you as it says noreply-comment in the address bar. There was no access to your blog that i could click on in your post so I will also copy this in the post on my own blog.
Re. the Condensed milk - it is Carnation brand. It is sweet so I would think it is the same as your sweetened condensed milk, I suppose there is such an anti-sweet-bias in advertising in this part of the world they won't be plugging it in the brand name! So I would use it, evaporated is totally different. And our condensed is already rich and thick and sweet, before it is boiled to caramelise it. Good luck with your Banoffee, it is indeed worth the effort - which is minimal. I hope I can access your blog to see it, if you have one.
Regards Catherine

Lynda - thanks for your comment! Glad you feel the same about the calorie count! And I hope you agree about the condensed milk being the same as what Kirsten can get in her neck of the woods in the USA -is yours the same as ours here, I have only seen one brand, Carnation. Though I expect there are others.
Cheers for now!

Catherine said...

This is a trial comment as I am having difficulty posting comments on my own blog - not on anyone else's!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Catherine, for the milk clarification. You are such a genius -- I would never, ever have thought of caramelizing milk in such a way. Although I could happily sit down and eat condensed milk with a spoon!

The reply doesn't come to my email, I guess, but just appears on the blog -- so thanks for posting it there! :) I don't actually HAVE a blog ... although I am seriously considering starting one. I enjoy other peoples' so much (I like to see where you live; maybe you'd like to see where I live!), and some of my far-away family are telling me it would be such a good way to keep track of babies and birthdays and such things. I think maybe I will!

I'll be back soon to see what's new on the blog! kristin