Friday, March 23, 2012

A Birthday Experiment - Blogger to go!

Multitasking me last Tuesday at breakfast!
Today I'm on a day off and it's also my Birthday - not a significant one or anything as at this (st)age I'm not really dwelling too heavily on numbers - and I just found this mobile app for Blogger.

So this is just a trial of blogging on the move from my iPhone. Pretty apt app too as it's also my iPhone's birthday! So far it's just like texting with added bells and whistles. I'll add a few pics and post it off.

I'm having a do-nothing day which is bliss. I'm reading a great book on North Korea (Nothing to Envy, by Barbara Demick) for our Bookclub, a glimpse behind the kimchi curtain, you could say. I'm knitting a second sock with a doty feather and fan cuff, and a bit more of a cotton jumper that's a WIP for a while now.

Cotton jumper - nice lace detail - WIP
I spent ages Skyping Jany in Cork, where Sofia is fast getting the hang of it - she chats away and looks for Opa (hubby Jan) over my shoulder! I know Skype's more associated with far-flung convos with emigrant offspring but I use it a lot here, beats the phone and mobility enabling - ie. I can knit and chat! I've an issue with multitasking but I'd need a twelve-step programme to wean me off it now. Here's a pic hubby took of me last Tuesday at breakfast with a lot of fringe events going on, and it ended up on Facebook garnering amused reactions.

I'm curious how this app will make the post look in it's web version, but here goes. Where will the photos end up? I normally spend a few minutes on the final layout. This is very fast, as little editing seems possible. A good thing for mildly OCD types like me!

My current Bookclub read. Terrific! 
I'd say if you have a Smartphone there's a Blogger app for all platforms, so give it a shot if you're into blogging. Mind you, I'm after updating the blogger appearance and now I can't find the dashboard to read all your great posts! Help if you can and thanks!
Sock no. 1 done - ZigZag yarn
Sock nearly done. King Cole ZigZag.


Stephanie V said...

Happy Birthday, Catherine! I can't think of a better gift than a day off and a birthday together. And you spend it blogging! And, of course, knitting. Such a pretty color in that sweater.

Enjoy your day :)

Its me.. said...

Nice blog, it works fine on your Iphone so! loved to talk to you this morning as always.. have a nice bday evening!! x jany

darlin said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Catherine! Those are some pretty awesome socks you're knitting, they look so warm. Thanks for the info on the blogger app, when I get home I'm going to get a new cell phone, the other contract is finally up.

Have a wonderful day! Cheers.

Rudee said...

Happy Birthday! March birthdays are the best (mine is today!).

Deirdre said...

Happy Birthday and those projects look like fun.

Catherine said...

Thanks for all the kind comments! Yes the Blogger app works fine for posting but I had to rejig the pix on the iMac to get them to the top of the page on-screen a minor detail I'm sure will be addressed in future!
Stephanie I left a comment on your post with the Lismore cable sock. Beautiful!
Rudee belated Happy Birthday. Great month indeed for them! Still reading your blog good luck with job hunt.
Darlin I hope you like the app. Hard to keep up isn't it?!
Jany waiting for more posts! Good to see you yesterday! Happy Birthday for Livia today!
Deirdre thanks they are fun wish I could spend more time at them!
Catherine xxx

Ramona I. Lynam said...

A belated Happy Birthday. I'm a bit behind reading your blog. I began reading it some time ago when I happened upon it while researching my granddaughter's name. (Deise Mei)
I knew I had seen the name Deise while in Ireland in September of 1994, but didn't remember where. When Deise was born on my birthday in November that year, my son and his wife honored me by giving her one of the Irish names I had suggested - even tho' Deise isn't a traditional Irish girl's name. We all just loved the sound of it. Poor girl has to explain the pronounciation of course.
I did not stop in Lismore when I was there - only took a picture of the Castle from the roadway. If I ever make it back, I'll definitely take more time and visit the lovely gardens and grounds there.
Again, I hope you had a happy birthday. I enjoy your blog - it is a bit of an Irish visit for me.
Ramona Lynam (Descendant of the West Meath Lynam's.)

Catherine said...

Ramona - I apologise for the late reply to your kind comment - what an amazing thing to hear of Deise being used as a name! Now you know a little of its origins and provenance. It is commonly used here as in Up the Deise is shouted at hurling matches particularly inter-county ones where county rivalry is at a peak! I'm glad you like my blog, and keep on visiting. I will visit yours and comment so you know this message is here for you. I think Lynam is a very common name in the Midlands - Ray Lynam was a popular C&W singer in my younger dancehall days, when we went to the showband dances! that's a whole other culture sadly long gone. I am so glad you were in Lismore and next time give me a shout if you are here and we'll have a coffee and a chat! And definitely make an effort to visit the castle - better still come during the Immrama Festival in June when there's a great international buzz about the place with all the literary types in town!
All the best, Catherine xxx