Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Belated Happy New Year - and a Resolution to return to Blogging

Happy 2012 rom Lismore!
This is mid-January and I have been very bad at blogging in the last few months - so I am just opening the year with a short post to say to my loyal followers that I will try to be a more diligent poster girl in 2012 than I was last year! I don't know why I slackened off late last year only that my laptop has become very temperamental and slow, prone to frequent collapses and Austenesque fainting bouts calling for liberal application of techie smelling salts in vain attempts to recovery - restarting, rebooting, rekicking, defragging, debunking, deleting file after folder, and other spurious attempts at reviving an exhausted C-Drive. I guess an 80GB Hard Drive wasn't the best but it was one of the biggest back in the day when we got this little Toshiba. Now it's got the computer equivalent of high cholesterol  and all the statins in Big Pharma aren't going to cut the mustard. More like a heart transplant or at the very least a triple bypass! Nah, the easiest option is a trip to PC World and a nice new 500GB or 1TB Hard Drive laptop which will probably cost half what this baby did 4 years ago!

So I promise fluency and frequency in the blogosphere in the coming months - goodness knows I have been doing enough in my life to warrant a few trivial blogposts - I've been knitting madly and have some great projects that I am very proud of and lots more in the pipeline - I want to tell you about Knitmas, the wonderful Secret Santa for the Irish Knitting Community, and share my new knitting books with you crafty types out there. I want to share the books I've read, and try to resume the online Book Clubs and real world ones. And I can share about my new workplace which happens to be my home town! There'll be recipes and cooking and baking to share and I will enjoy reading and catching up on all your blogs that I've been remiss on responding to lately.

Thanks for hanging in there with me friends - enough Mea Culpa talk and have a great 2012 - we'll have plenty to catch up on during the year!


Jo said...

Hi Catherine, glad to see you back. I am a follower and will be back to read your next post ! Have a great week. Jo (Kenya)

Mimi said...

Happy 2012 to you too, Catherine!
I haven't been to great myself with my sporadic posts, but look forward to more activity on the blogging front in 2012!
Love the mitts and hat!

Stephanie V said...

Glad to see you out and about! I'm looking forward to that Knitmas post.

Catherine said...

Thanks Jo, Mimi and Stephanie for your comments and welcoming me back to the blogosphere! I thought there was a reply facility enabled on Blogger whereby I could reply individually but that's vanished now - don't think everyone liked it. And I hope you're all fine - I'm on a roll with the knitting these days - making lots of mitts for pressies too and enjoying my new Christmas craft books - another post following on those!
Love Catherine xxx

Pooch Purple Reign said...

happy 2012! looking like a good year ahead.
i look forward to your knitting posts

Catherine said...

Thanks Laura - I will get going on more knitting posts soon, I am making some gifts now for my son to bring to Australia tomorrow night when he and his friend fly out - they are going for a year work visa, and will meet some old friends so I am sending them some pressies. I'll post pix of them soon and some of my recent work!