Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trying out a new Blogging Platform - Tumblr Time

Darragh Doyle, Rolf Potts, Manchán Magan, Áine Goggins & Karen, me
The Immrama Festival of Travel Writing 2011 was held in Lismore from June 9-12 and one of the highlights was the Bloggers' Clinic with Manchán Magan, Darragh Doyle, Áine Goggins and Rolf Potts.

Some people who'd been in contact on cyberspace were meeting up in person for the first time - Susan from Clonmel and Susan from Kilkenny were both there, fellow-bloggers and tweeters and book clubbers, and it was a great meeting of minds. I enjoyed it immensely and as I normally work flat out during Immrama covering Health and Safety at all the events, it was a real treat to take some me time for this clinic.

Susan and me
 Darragh Doyle from introduced Tumblr and I am giving it a trial and if it works I might divide my loyalties between it and Blogger - or they might work in symbiosis. Time will tell. I need to be adventurous and not get stuck in a rut with Blogger which has the comfort of familiarity.
The crew at the Bloggers' Clinic

So it we verified the news

Irish people can relate to this!

Susan, Manchán Magan and me
Here are some photos from the clinic - they include Karen, an extreme couchsurfer from Tramore, Manchán, old friend of Immrama on his third visit here, and the clinic "Docs" who presented - Manchán, Aine, Darragh and Rolf, in the group pic. Susan (Queen of Pots!) and me are with Manchán.


Susan said...

It was good to meet you, but I got caught up in another conversation during break & couldn't catch back up for a chat! I really enjoyed the event, & Lismore looks so lovely- I was very sorry that I had to leave immediately afterwards. I def want to see if I can go all wkend next yr (be great for me personally, & also to write about on the (BY THEN!) *all new super dooper* Vibrant Ireland website! Any recommendations on a nice but not pricey place to stay?
Let us know your tumblr 'address' & how it is going for you. Susan

Catherine said...

Hey Susan - sorry I took so long to respond! Thanks for your comment - I did look for you afterwards but there was no sign of you . Susan from Queen of Pots and me went to Foleys on the Mall for a nice lunch so it would have been nice if you could have joined us - a kinda Tweetup or BBC get-together so to speak! But next time. It was cool that you were from same town as Darragh Doyle, I'd a nice chat with him in Ballyrafter at the reception after Conor O'Clery (We get together there with all the speakers and presenters for a buffet on the Sat. evening before the evening talk) and he's a lovely guy. I've jined Tumblr - called the blog there More Dispatches from the Deise - not very creative I know but easy to find. So I hope you get into it too. I haven't had much time to check it out. But I will, when I do! Still have to get the Neil Jordan book for BBC June and I can't find the John Connolly one for the TWBCJuly in the library - and it's big too! Not sure I'll make it!
All the best, Catherine xxx