Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Wonderful Event - Livia, our new Granddaughter is born!

Livia's first car journey
There's been a lot happening in the past fortnight and I am only now catching up on sharing the good news. Before I start to sound like a tent revivalist preaching to the converted - this isn't a polemic or a sermon! On March 26th our beautiful second granddaughter, Livia Lena Martina, was born to Jany and Shayne in Cork University Maternity Hospital, where Sofia, her big sister, was born over a year ago. I had planned a week's leave from work to be on hand to babysit Sofia, so the timing was perfect as Jany went into labour on first day of my holidays - broken waters, and off to the hospital in the middle of the night. I headed of to Cork where Jany was already admitted to CUMH.

The first photo of Livia in CUMH

The next day was the waiting game, as Jany started regular contractions that evening and little Livia was born at 11:19p.m., weighing in at 8lbs 10ozs. or for the metric among you 3.9kg. I was delighted and relived when the call from Shayne came through and I spent half the night on the phone with the family, and went to see Jany the next afternoon. Unfortunately Livia had some fluid on her lungs and rapid breathing at delivery so she went to the Neonatal Unit for observation, and was given antibiotics. She was kept there for longer than expected at first, as she had a raised blood test that could have indicated infection, even though she was fine in every way. The end result was none of the family except Shayne and Jany saw her until she was six days old, as only parents were allowed into the neonatal unit. It was really weird watching the popular TV series From Here to Maternity which looks at birth stories from CUMH, from the human interest perspective, when your own grandchild is in there.
Livia home at last

She is a real beauty with a head of hair exceeding Sofia's and she is settling into life in Cork with her big sister and her doting parents! I came home after 5 days in Cork once Jany got home on Wednesday, and then I went back to bring her home on Friday.

On Saturday her granddad Jan and me went to Tralee for the funeral of a cousin, Tom, who lived to the ripe old age of 97, and on the way home we called to see the family in Cork.

Sunday was Shayne's birthday so we spent the afternoon and evening in Cork celebrating, and I baked a nice fruity cake. Graphic Design son Martin designed the birth cards which are like a film flyer - I love it! What do you think? It's a very Dutch institution, personalised birth announcement cards, and it is catching on here more and more.

Livia in Neonatal Unit CUMH

Coffee on the terrace in CUMH - waiting day!
Meeting Granddad/Opa
Proud Granny with Livia
Proud dad feeding Livia!
The other big event is that Shayne got a new job, and will start on Monday, in a customer services centre in Cork, and our youngest son William also starts there next week. It is great that they have jobs after intermittent work, and Shayne's been doing a back-to-education course for the past six months. It's very timely now as he finishes the course just as he starts the new job

Jany with her little beauty!
With middle son Martin in Dublin working in the Westbury Hotel for the past month or so, they are all gainfully employed, albeit not in their field. They're pretty well over-qualified for the work they're doing now but in this recession it's great to have a job, and selfishly I am glad they'll be in the country and not have to emigrate just yet. As you need savings to go to Australia or Canada or N. Zealand, this will be a stepping stone to that end if they so decide. When I was their ages I had been and gone and come back from Bangladesh, so I can't really come over all Irish Mammy on them and guilt-trip them into staying here just to keep me happy!

Sofia the Jaffa Cake Kid!
Sofia playing Incy Wincy Spider!

Birth Announcement Card!
I am back at work this week, and enjoying the lovely spring weather - tomorrow the forecast is for 21C - high summer temps - so if this is global warming it's hard to complain! I love that we had a BBQ this evening and could sit out till nearly 9p.m. with the stretch in the evenings since the clocks went forward last Saturday week - just after Livia's birth. There was a great piece in the Irish Times  recently which I'll link - Ireland in 100 Euphemisms - and certainly you could add "There's a great stretch in the evenings" to that list if it's not in there already!

Fruity Birthday Cake
I'll post a few photos of Livia and Sofia - and random stuff - and more posts will keep you updated on Livia's progress through the first year, as with Sofia. We are so happy that she is well and healthy and good luck to them all in their new journey!


Mimi said...

Congrats, Catherine, you've been busy!
Livia is beautiful, and I'm sure Sofia is delighted to now have a sister to play with in future years.
You do not look nearly old enough to be a grandmother.

Catherine said...

Stephanie V has left a new comment on your post "A Wonderful Event - Livia, our new Granddaughter i...":

What a beautiful name! Two beautiful grand-daughters with lovely names. What more could a doting Gran want? I see more knitig on your horizon.
Glad all went well and everyone is safely home.

Catherine said...

Thanks Mimi - she is lovely as is Sofia! I sometime s feel old enough to be a granny! But it's great fun!

Stephanie V - I had to copy and paste in your comment as I inadvertently deleted it from my iPhone when I went to publish it I hit the delete button instead - so I couldn't figure out how to retrieve it only by pasting it in my comment box! Sorry about the plagiarism ;)

Jo said...

Congratulations Catherine and all the family! What a beauty little Livia is. Just like her sister. There is a small gap between them, like two of our grands back in South Africa, who are 14 months apart. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing and blessing to you all. Greetings from Jo, Kenya, East Africa.

talesfromagarden said...

That was a newsy post all right Catherine,lots happening on the home front!Congratulations on the birth of your second grand-daughter,she looks like her Mum I think!Great news about the jobs too they are so scarce now your sons have been lucky to find work.Things might calm down now for you enjoy the fine weather predicted though all I can see here from my window this morning is thick fog!

Rita said...

What a lovely post; you have been relly busy.
Congratulations;Your granddaughters are real beauties; fun time ahead for you my dear.

talesfromagarden said...

Forgot to add,coffee on the terrace at CMUH! A far cry from St.Finbarrs where my three were born,luxury indeed!

Rudee said...

Congratulations, Catherine! She's lovely.

Ann said...

Oh Catherine, she is a beauty, just like her big sister. Congratulations to all!!

So glad to hear your chicks will be staying close to home for another while yet.

Anonymous said...

Aww many congratulations Catherine. Livia is beautiful :)
You look much to young to be a grandmother though xx

Catherine said...

Thanks for all the kind comments - Jany will be delighted with them too! (Not sure if Shayne reads my blog!)

Yes, JO 13-14 months apart is hard going at first but then they will be great company for each other. Are you in Kenya for a wile now? Must catch up on your blog - I've lost track of African blogfriends since Lynda slowed up on her posting.

KATHLEEN - thanks for that! Jany was delighted to meet you over the scarf - what a nice coincidence that you found her via the blog or FB! Yes, great that they boys have work - they both start Monday, out Bishopstown way. Hope they like it and have some stability for a while. And yes, CUMH is fair posh compared to Finbarr's and the Erinville from what I can see - beats Holles St. too. The terrace is lovely, esp. in warm weather, overlooks a feature garden courtyard.

Thanks RUDEE - she's a lovely baby and they are both coming here for the day - it's a nice sunny warm spring day so we'll go to the farmers' market!

Yes ANN it's great that the lads all have jobs even if they aren't in their field, they will be off the dole and it's a bridge to the future wherever that'll bring the two younger ones.

VAL - thanks for the kind compliment ;) not sure about the granny thing - you're as young as you feel, I look about 100 sometimes!!!]

Catherine xxx

Deniz Bevan said...

Congratulations! That Irish list was quite interesting; my favourite line is "There's a great roaring in the west, and it's worse it'll be getting when the tide's turned to the wind."

Peggy said...

Hi Catherine, Fb does not like me at the moment!I left you comment & Jany comments but they do not load up?!
Congratulations on the beautiful new grand daughter another crochet model!