Thursday, February 3, 2011

Irish Blog Awards 2011 - Nomination Time again.

Hard to believe it's a year since the Irish Blog Awards and they have rolled around again. I was lucky last year to get nominated and shortlisted to the last 25 which was a great morale boost for this blogger. I was nominated in two categories, Personal Blog and Food Blog. It was great fun browsing the nominations and seeing the quality of the blogs was a humbling experience.

As far as I know I haven't been nominated thus far, so I will be delighted if any readers see fit to put my blog forward in any category they think it fits. It will be a great honour and very exciting if I do get nominated onto a category, and I will be looking through the blogs I follow to nominate some of them, as they are surely deserving.

It's fun to follow the progress of the blogs through to the finals, and to see who the ultimate winners are.The finals are in Belfast on March 19th and the only criteria for entry is to have been actively blogging between March and December 2010.

Have a look at the website and nominations page and perhaps you will find a category that fits some of the Irish blogs you follow, and you'll have a friend for life if you nominate that blog.

Happy browsing and keep in touch with the awards site as it updates through the heats. I will continue blogging my heart out for the foreseeable future as it is a nice outlet for writing about everything day-to-day in life - from the sublime to the ridiculous.

This is especially relevant now that it's open season on venting and rants with the 2011 General Election about three weeks away. Happy days will be here again, as we all hope for change, echoing Labour leader Eamon "Happy" Gilmore, the persistent poll-topper for Taoiseach. Let's see if the polls' accuracy stands up to scrutiny after the election. Watch this space!


Rita said...

Congratulations Catherine; you did good!
Happy Chinese New year!

Catherine said...

Thanks Rita - I'll be hopeful of a nomination. Loved your posts and recipes!

Grrrr- Spam rubbish - I think I'll go back to dreaded comment moderation if it prevents this kind of crap being posted on the blog. Maybe preview before posting comments - blog owner approval without the word verification. Too fiddly.

Laura said...

I have an award for you on my site if you're interested...please do stop in to the cottage!

Catherine said...

Thanks Laura for the award - I replied over at your blog. First one in ages, so I will follow it through and pass it on!

Ann said...

You deserved your nomination last year and of course another nonination this year. Good luck! Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Catherine said...

Thanks Ann for the comment - I don't know if I've been nominated yet - closing date for nominations in 10th Feb that's Thursday. So I do hope someone will! Hey congrats on the beautiful grandson - love his name too! Bet you're one happy granny! Enjoy, the time flies. Sofia will be a year on Friday!
Catherine xxx