Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Prize Giveaway at a Blog near you - Summer Reading Delights

Ann over at Inkpots n'Quills has a lovely competition and here is the link to it - she is running a giveaway for signed copies of Barbara Kingsolver's books The Poisonwood Bible and The Lacuna which I blogged about in my last post as we are reading The Poisonwood Bible for the Bloggers' Book Club as a July choice.

Ann went to a talk in Dublin this week where Barbara Kingsolver was speaking and she is kindly running this giveaway of two Kingsolver books - the aformentioned The Poisonwood Bible, and The Lacuna, her latest. One book will go to the 100th follower of her blog and the other to a follower who posts it on their blog - like I'm doing! Pop by her blog and join/leave a comment - it could be you in the immortal words of the National Lottery!

I am currently enjoying re-visiting the world of the Price family in the turbulent Congo of The Poisonwood Bible and marvelling at how well this book weathers a re-read - not something I do very often but in this case it's a delight.
So I hope this encourages you to read these great books if you haven't done so - and have a great summer wherever you are - even those of you in the winter of the Southern Hemisphere - I loved that aspect of life in Tanzania - fires in June and July in the Southern Highlands a few degrees south of the Equator never lost its appeal to my inner child!


Ann said...

Thank you Catherine for this great post on my blog and contest. Your name is now in the bowl. Couldn't find the hat!!!

Irene said...

Those books are on my long reading list amongst about 140 others. I keep running into books to read all over the place and run out of time to read them. It would be good if I joined a reading club, it would give me more incentive to read a little faster. I'm reading Elizabeth George now. I'm temporarily hooked on her. Another side track.

Catherine said...

Ann, Well done on reaching 100! Hope you have fun with the raffle - won't be peeved if I don't win! I'm in Dublin right now with four teens - daughter and her friends - and writing this from my son's Mac.

Nora- hope you do read Kingsolver - she should really move up to the shortlist! She's a great writer and gets into peoples' heads. I suppose I love the Poisonwood Bible as it's set in Africa and I knew lots of people like that there. I don't think I've read Elizabeth George, but will check her out.

All the best, Catherine.