Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Spelling Howler - or the chickens coming home to roost?

I just couldn't resist this howler I saw last week in the Caravan Park in Clonea outside Dungarvan - no point in not outing it as it is declaring itself to all and sundry on the roadside just at the park entrance. Makes you wonder is this an effort to protect hapless chickens from terrorist dog attacks or are the dogs in Clonea under threat from some wayward fowl? Whichever, it brightened up my evening when I saw it on the way to visit a friend who's spending her summer on the beach and if the weather is good I can't think of anything more chillaxing. We had a very pleasant evening so this just added to the fun.

I posted a few beauties from the local papers some weeks back and I'm happy to report that the Sponsor's are now sans apostrophe and this week are plain old Sponsors! I doubt they read this blog for their Eureka moment but were probably advised that in this instance their use of the "Greengrocers' Apostrophe" was a tad excessive.

This is the fourth post on ghastly grammar and spelling typos and it probably won't be the last - they are so irresistible and if they hit my "Eats Shoots and Leaves" radar then they will inevitably end up here. Have a look at the others here if you feel inclined and I hope you'll get a giggle from them as much as I did - I'm not quite Lynn Truss going around hijacking offending signs with stick-on apostrophes, but I do try to capture them for posterity when possible, though I often miss the best because the camera's not to hand passing the butchers, or the small ads in the supermarket notice board, or wherever unedited notices are posted.

May they brighten up your day wherever you are - and keep on sharing your gems with the rest of the blogosphere. I've had some great links to other blogs in the past via comments so keep them coming.


Mimi said...

This is one of the best I've seen!

Vibrant Ireland said...

When I first came over (to both the UK & here,) I thought that somehow some teachers must have taught the wonky use of apostrophes, as the misuse was so very common. Now I'm here 15 years, & I nearly want to add extra apostrophes myself, I see them so often! :)

Rudee said...

This was a good example. Thanks for the laugh!

Ann said...

I saw this sign when I was out that way. It made me laugh at the time, it makes me laugh now. Chickens beware!

Vibrant Ireland said...

Catherine, I thought you may enjoy this link!
Perhaps we have a new selection for the blogger's book club here:)
Thanks for the tip on the Congolese musician in Cork- I'll keep a ear out for him, & an eye out for Blood River. I've ordered another book called Facing The Congo, too, which was positively reviewed. I don't think they'll be relaxing bedtime reading, but I want to find out more about Congo.